Mothers Day-Craft Ideas for a great Gift


A mother is love personified. She is the epicenter of the family nurturing her child and undergoing every pain in the world for the well –being of her child. So it is only natural that all over the world, the Mother’s day is celebrated with full gusto. Though the dates may be different, yet a spirit to salute the mothers globally remains the same. The usual date, in general, is May 11, 2008.

Every married lady dreams to be a mother and have happy and rewarding relationships with her children. In most nuclear families, the mother has to sacrifice her career at the altar of motherhood. And she does so without any regrets as the young infant is completely dependent upon her for nutritional and emotional needs. She cares for the small child preparing it to face the world. Even when the kids have grown, the emotional bond is still very strong. The amazing warmth of a mother’s lap has soothed many a stress. Thus on the occasion of Mother’s day, it becomes our duty to gift the mother a well crafted object bearing our hard work and shining with love for her.

There are several craft ideas for Mother’s Day. Not only shall this make our mothers smile but also assure that we consider her special and take pride in making her feel cherished in the family.

You may gift your mother some coffee filter flowers, jeweled candleholder, recipe cards, memo card with sparkles, cinnamon clay, a bracelet of her favorite things, hand-painted towels carrying happy mother’s day logo, decorative bag holder, springtime memory photo, pretty painted flower pot, easy pin cushion, flower pot recipe holder and Mother’s Day basket.

Alternatively, laundry bottle holder, bouquet of photo flowers, fingerprint poem for Mother, felted recipe box, fingerprint flower vase, home sweet home photo gallery, sunshine flower pot and kitchen sink pot also make great craft ideas for Mother’s Day. You may start as early as you make a basic collection of paints, hand brushes, yarn to tie up different ends, vases and recycled paper, plenty of glue, cardboard frames and sparklers.

You can supplement these gifts by laying out a special dinner for her on Mother’s Day containing all her favorite dishes. You may toast her as the most special and lovely person of that evening. This may be followed by some lovely music of her choice to which all of the family can dance together and have fun. Remember, well begun is half done. So start trying the craft ideas well in advance so that your individual gifts are wrapped up neatly with your sweet love you share with your mother.