Mother-Daughter Relationships


motheranddaughter It is the dream of every mother when she gives birth to a daughter – to have a harmonious, close and loving relationship. There is a silent, inexplicable bond that develops between a mother and her daughter. This relationship can defy all barriers.

There is nothing else like the bond between a mother and her daughter. Some mother-daughter relationships are full of strength and inspiration while others can be heated and detrimental.

This complex relationship may leave either the mother or the daughter wondering if there is something wrong with either them or the other woman.

The relationship between a mother and daughter is full of learning experiences. Both the mother and daughter put away their personal preferences in order to build a bond based on love. In a strong relationship, the two women will stand side by side in order to provide support.

Many mothers tell their daughters that they will not understand the complexities of motherhood until they actually grow up and become mothers to their own daughters.  And this is the truth. Until you become a mother, you cannot understand the intense love that a mother feels towards her daughter.

As a young girl reaches her teenage years, the relationship between mother and daughter may experience some turbulence. It is a time when the mother has dreams and aspirations for her daughter but during this time, the daughter is trying to develop her own ego. The mother wants to keep her daughter protected while the daughter wants to go out and explore and learn for herself.

Both mothers and daughters will go through changes during their relationship. It is vital to recognize these changes and work through them together so as to enhance the relationship and avoid causing heartaches, disagreements and risk breaking up the relationship.

While a teenage girl is in her turbulent years, the young girl begins to make discoveries about her personality. The young girl is busy making changes to herself while her mother remains steadfast in her ways.

This can cause conflict in the relationship as one person will try to dominate the other. Both the mother and the daughter are going to argue their points and thoughts, and try to come out on top. Each has their own beliefs and will fight to make the other understand.

The result is typically a shouting match between mother and daughter. It may even result in abstinence from speaking to each other. These types of disagreements are known as ego-based actions and reactions where both people involved insist on being in control.

In order to retain the relationship between mother and daughter both need to put their egos aside and listen openly to the other person.