Mineral makeup


There is not a more pure mineral compound in nature as what Bare Essentials makeup has to offer. The feather light, micro-fine powdered mineral foundation will actually perfect flaws and smooth uneven skin tones. It is made from all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances or other chemicals. Bare Essentials Makeup, also known as Bare Escentuals, manufactures a line of pure mineral makeup called id BareMinerals.

Now that we have all the names straight, let’s take a closer look. Bare Essentials makeup is made from the purest mineral compounds nature has to offer. Each mineral is ground into a feather light micro powder, that, when dusted onto your face, provides a healthy looking foundation that actually covers up uneven skin tones and flaws. The complete i.d. bare Minerals cosmetics line also offers complimentary eye shadows, lipstick and more.

The micro-fine powder form of bare essentials has no preservatives or chemicals. It provides a natural glow and protects the skin from the sun. It is especially a great help to makeup oily skin and skin with acne, scars and signs of ageing. Through steady use of this mineral bronzer, the skin’s tone and texture can be improved as the makeup offers protection from UV rays. The person does not appear to be wearing any makeup, as bare mineral make up blends in very well. An additional advantage is the product’s longer usage period than other cosmetics, allowing the consumer to fully use it up.

There are three main minerals are responsible for the quality of this makeup:

· Zinc Oxide, which is very soothing to your skin, lessening redness, and delivering high sunscreen protection.

· Titanium Dioxide, a mineral that resists absorption, so it forms a protective barrier over your skin to block out UV rays and environmental pollutants.

· Mica, the mineral that gives Bare Essentials makeup its silky youthful glow.

Bare essential make up is cent percent natural, with absolutely no usage of harmful chemicals. There are no preservatives and fragrances in the make up to make it appear more appealing. Unlike conventional cosmetics and make up items, essential make up does not coat your skin with unnatural colors and you don’t need to worry about the layer of grease that causes pimples and oily spots.