Milk and Beauty


milkdiet Traditionally milk has continued to be consumed internally for the innumerable benefits it offers to people of all age groups. It’s rich with proteins and calcium. 

With developments in the processing technology, it has been possible to control its fat content while retaining the rest of the beneficial elements.

All of us are aware of the benefits of consuming milk in different forms but very few realize the benefits of its external applications. Here are some of those:

Benefit 1
Its calcium content helps to build stronger bones. As you know, nails are a form of bone only.  Use a warm cup of milk for strengthening your nails and prevent them from getting chipped-off or broken. After removing your nail polish dip your fingers in a warm cup of milk for 3-5 minutes, and then moisturize the same suitably.

Benefit 2
Anti-inflammatory characteristics of whole milk are exploited for deflating puffy eyes. Simply dip cotton pads into whole milk and keep them on swollen eyes for three minutes.

Benefit 3
Use it as a cleansing agent to get that soft and supple look. Every week dab your body with milk, leave it on for a minute or two and then wash it off with warm water. In case you have oily skin, use milk with zero fat.

Benefit 4
Amino acid and protein content of milk makes it a very good hair conditioner. Apply a thin paste of milk on clean and moist hair; wrap your hair in a warm moist towel. Let the towel remain there for three minutes for the treatment to get penetrated. After removing the towel, rinse your hair and style as usual.

Benefit 5
You may be longing for those soft and supple lips. Here’s how to go about that. Make a paste of half a spoon of hot cocoa with a few drops of hot water and massage your lips with that to get the desired effect.

Benefit 6
Have a milk bath for added beauty. Add a cup of powdered milk to your bathtub. Mix three spoonfuls of honey and dissolve the contents. You may add rose petals too for that after bath fragrance to linger on. Soak yourself for 15-20 minutes. Finally apply milk based body lotion.

Benefit 7
To get a healthy scalp from an oily one, massage your scalp with a quarter cup of no fat milk into which you have dissolved a tablespoon of salt. Leave it for a minute and then shampoo as usual.

Benefit 8
For nourishing your skin apply a mask of whipped cream, leave it there for about three minutes before washing with warm water.

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