The colder months are upon us and now you are asking yourself what to do about dry skin. We all know that microdermabrasion is great for helping with the skin on our faces but what about your body? If you have ever asked yourself this question then the answer is yes, go for it!! It has been discovered that not only will microdermabrasion gives your face that younger and fresher look but it will give you soft touchable skin all over.

The reason for this is the odd shaped aluminum oxide crystals instead of the round ones in a regular exfoliant. They can lift the dead skin cells easier thus leaving you with smoother skin. Winter plays many tricks on us and rough itchy skin is one of the worst ones. Even though we slather ourselves with lotions and potions of all types we sometimes need that little extra to keep our skin in shape.

There are many different kits that you can purchase but one that is recommended is by L’Oreal Paris called Refinish Chest, Arms & Hands Microdermabrasion. This kit is highly recommended and works for all skin types. If, however, you are experiencing something more serious such as psoriasis, do not use this product. It suggests that you see your dermatologist right away. You can even use this product if you have super sensitive skin.

The fall and winter months are evil to our skin and this is one more way to win the battle against the itchy scratchy war. We fight this battle for months due to dead skin cells that won’t wash away. By using this system, you can kiss the dead bye and end up with soft, smooth touchable skin.

You should love your skin and taking good care of it is essential. We only get one body and we have to see it through. How we take care of ourselves now will reflect on how we look as we age. As they say, it’s best to get a head start at a young age.