Methods of Removing Facial Hair


Unfortunately, in today’s society, first impressions often overshadow other considerations. Upon first meeting, we generally notice the features of one’s face like their eyes, lips, hair, acne, blemishes, and even freckles. Men and women are a little different when it comes to facial hair, because it is expected on a man. Hundreds of men have long beards, mustaches, and side burns, while women need to be clean and hair free.

Although most women don’t mind being hair free, it is a very bothersome process. A woman has to spend double the time in the morning getting ready, and removing all facial hair. Sadly, they would be looked down upon if hair was spotted on their face, even for a moment. So how do we get rid of this hair? Can we do it painlessly, or will it always hurt?

Well, first one can look into home remedies. For this, simply perform an internet search on Google, or another search engine, for “facial hair removal home remedies”. You will find pages of home remedies that are safe for you to try.

Next, we all hate it, but waxing is one way to remove facial hair for up to about three weeks or so. When first starting, out the hair may grow back fast and thicker, but in time it will thin out and come in less regularly. Although painful, this is an effective method for most women.

Third, you can try the dreaded shaving. Now, although shaving is very easy, it can really hurt you. Your facial hair will grow in stronger and darker like a man. You will end up shaving every single day instead of every week or two. That is not only a hassle, but will start to look very ugly upon your delicate feminine body. You start to have a lot of stubble like a male.

Fourth, put that shaver down and pick up those tweezers. The saying “beauty is pain” really does apply here. Tweezing your facial hair can hurt you a lot, but is one of the most effective and cleanest forms of removing hair. To make the tweezing easier, you can put a warm, damp cloth on your face for approximately 5-10 minutes. This can help with the plucking of your hair from the skin.

Those are some temporary hair removal options for your face that can also be used on other parts of the body. Now, here is a list of permanent hair removal methods that need to be carefully considered before taking any action.

One alternative is laser hair removal. It is expensive and time-consuming, and uses a laser to remove the hair and hair follicle.

Another alternative is electrolysis. This method uses electric currents.

Both are great but can have many consequences including, but not limited to scars, skin damage, discoloration of skin and even electric shock if you choose electrolysis.