Method of making best catapults


For children, there are numerous kinds of games available which they can play during their normal routine days and during their holidays. Some of the games are played inside and some are played outside. Playing with catapult is also a kind of outdoor game which is for outside only. If it is played inside, then it can destroy the whole of your house. It can change the entire geography of your home, so it is better to play it outside of your home and enjoy its charm.

Why catapults:

Catapults are mainly preferred by children because they can provide them the real worth of their holidays. It is quite a good game and many children like to play with it but they don’t know how to make catapults. Parents of underage children do not allow them to play with catapults because it can harm them as well. The most preferred age to play with catapults is considered to be the age from 5 to 25 years. Children mainly prefer catapult because they like to shoot various living and non living objects with it.

Making a catapult:

Making of a catapult is not a difficult task and one can make various kinds of catapults according to their age. If you are of small age then you can make a small and handy catapult for your enjoyment. A small catapult is made with materials which are normally used by small children. Lot of material is not required rather just simple material like some sticks, a masking tape, a rubber band, and a small piece of paper are all what you require. With them you can make a small but good catapult and can easily aim your targets.

Now the question arises, how to make catapults if you are of medium age. Here, you need to do a little bit more hard work and should take the help of wooden pieces to make the body. It can be tied up with the help of strong rubber bands and can be attached with the help of super glue, screws or nails. You can get a very nice catapult and the children of more than ten years of age can use such kind of catapult.

If you are a kid of teenage, then you can make a catapult of big size and for that you require a collection of large size wooden pieces, pipes etc. This kind of catapult can be used to aim at even very large distance.

These are some of the ways to understand how to make catapults and they can really help you out to make your holidays a worth memorable!