Merits Of Drinking Tea


Drinking tea as antonymous for health believed by many people. However, this has been proved wrong as tea has many benefits for health. Tea has potential to heal minor health ailments.

Look at the benefits of tea for our health. As per the study conducted recently has revealed that it can fight against the dreadful disease cancer, especially green has the property of it. Whether white tea or green tea, both are good for eliminating colon cancer. The cancers like breast cancer, lung, mouth, stomach, esophagus, prostate and pancreatic cancers are well treated if you don’t stop drinking tea.

It is also believed to keep your cholesterol level low and at the same it is not only good for fighting against cancers but for defeating bacteria and virus.

Black tea is good for harmful plaque bacteria in mouth which causes gum disease. Drink black tea to keep your teeth healthy and germ free mouth.

You can improve heart biting and to prevent blood clots. It is also reduces heart strokes. It has got tremendous skin benefits. You can remove skin blemishes and skin cancer with green tea.

To get stunning body and want to loose weight drink tea. It is the best remedy for this purpose. Green tea improves your body metabolism and helps you to burn calories. Tea has the potential help to build strong bones. Drink tea regularly, it will benefit your health.

You would be amazed to know that tea adds liquid to our diet. You can also boost your muscle enzymes by drinking a cup of tea in a day. This will help body mechanism to function naturally and keep you stay away from disease. Insect bite can be relieved by placing tea bags on the spot and it is quit effective.

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  • Ann Trenton

    Great post! Drinking four or more cups of tea every day could be more beneficial than drinking water. They say that tea not only rehydrates you as well as water does, but it can also offer protection against heart disease and cancer. It is commonly thought that drinking tea leads to loss of fluid and may lead to dehydration.