Men’s Latest Craze is Mancations


Your male friend calls you up to tell you he’s going on a Mancation. If, you saw The Break-up you would know exactly what he is talking about. If, you didn’t then who can blame you for asking what precisely he is going on. To put you out of your stumped mode, Mancation is the latest buzzword for a woman free vacation.

A Mancation is all about going on a vacation without your female partner. The idea has taken off so well that men actually prefer to take off on holidays without dragging the fairer sex along.

A no girls vacation allowed vacation, a mancation is all about normal males engaging in ‘all guy’ activities, such as, sports, camping, gambling, chasing women and drinking with male friends. No wives, mistresses or girlfriends allowed are allowed on these vacations, when men get in touch with their male-primal roots.

Though the word mancation has not been trade-marked yet, it was coined in the year 2002 when Larry Meadows began to use it to refer to his yearly vacation with his male friends. When his wife suggested that he and his friend Bill Holycross should go together on a golfing vacation, Larry looked at Bill and said ‘mancation, a term that has stuck and spread nation wide. It grew even more popular when actor Vince Vaughn used it in the romantic comedy The Break-up saying: “I’m excited. I look at it like I’m on a mancation.”

Also known as mancursion, mancation has become a buzzword in the travel business lately. After seeing the success of all-girls getaway packages, hotels and resorts have started featuring all-male bonding vacation packages that include everything from poker, to extreme sports, to spa treatments. While, golfing may be the most popular activity for all-male vacation groups, to accommodate the unique trend, unique programmes have been developed that also offer mancation packages comprised of spiritual healing, culinary instruction, yoga, and sexual reawakening. Some hotels have also come up with mancation packages that consist of three-course steak dinners, cocktail seminars, whiskey tastings, cigars, and poker.