Men Crave For Alcohol When Upset


As you know that it is tough to tackle many difficulties as well as problems in life. Whenever, man faces some troubles in life and that situation becomes harder to bear for him then he wants to have some sort of resort for it. Those who are strong quickly recover with the time but those who are weak take some more time to get away from the situation.

Most of the people take alcohol in their sad mood and problems. They like to have alcohol because they think it would decrease their level of stress and they can have euphoria feeling. As alcohol is easily available in the bars and alcohol shops it is easy to get and buy it. Many researchers in the world gave their view on the above statements. They state that when men feel upset, they easily get cravings for alcohol, where as women behave uneasy in such situations and try to tackle the problem.

The researchers of Yale University studies situations where men looses their confidence and go for alcohol. Yale University is related to the Medicines and pharmacy and therefore has lots of good researchers in order to work on the above subject. The researchers consider around 54 men and women for their research. They all were adult and social drinkers. Among them 27 are women and 27 are men. Researchers take three different imagery scripts – alcohol-related, neutral/relaxing and stressful for their experiments on the participants. The three scripts were exposed in front of participants within separate sessions in random order.

During each session researchers assessed the subjective emotions of participants, their bodily/ behavioral responses and cardiovascular arousal as an indicator by blood pressure and heart rate. They also consider their alcohol craving self-report. From the whole study they found that during the situation when women feel negative, they become anxious and sad. However, in such situation men linked towards alcohol craving.

The results were same with other two scripts. Overall in all the situations women fell more worried and nervous but never crave for alcohol. Where as men show their emotional arousal towards the alcohol craving in all the tough situations. In other words you can also say that men are more prone to alcohol then the women in tough situations.

So, it is well clear from the above description that man craved for alcohol in tough time when he has behavioral and emotional arousal.