Medical Pedicure For Better Foot Health

Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure A medical pedicure is a procedure that promotes overall foot and nail health. Like the traditional pedicure, medical pedicure also provides good care for dirty nails, hardened skin etc. But the term “Medical” in it shows it is much more advanced and a better option with foot troubles. Very often it happens that a foot/ nail trouble is found out or even diagnosed during a medical pedicure.

What is Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure helps treat, corns, callosities and toe nail troubles. It pays special attention to the foot of people with diabetes, reduced blood circulation etc. It is usually done by trained professionals with various equipments. Sanitization and other hygienic measures are carefully attended to.

Very often foot troubles are diagnosed during a medical pedicure. The likelihood of spread of fungal diseases is not possible in medical pedicure. As they are done with special instruments, there are less chances for skin damages and tears with medical pedicure.

How is it Done?

The professional, at first, examines the foot carefully. Foot problems may be discovered during this period. If there are foot problems that require immediate attention, the person is referred to a podiatrist or a dermatologist. The old nail varnish is removed. In medical pedicure the soaking of foot in water is often avoided to prevent transfer of fungal diseases. Soaking in water gives the appearance of a soft foot, though it is not long lasting.

However, in medical pedicure, the softness achieved is for a longer period. The feet are cleaned with disinfectants. Special softening compounds may be used that acts especially for horny and hard areas. A special instrument with nozzles is used to clean, it comes in various size. Even the inter digital spaces are cleaned completely. The nails too are cleaned. The hard and horny areas are softened, but the dermis is left intact.

Medical Pedicure For Better Foot Health

There are special techniques for helping with nail problems like ingrown toe nail, thickened nail etc. The professional may explain some home care methods to the person. The procedure for medical pedicure varies with salons and spas. But the basic method remains the same. Some salons offer special packages for fungal treatment, for nail care etc.

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Some may include additional benefits in their package. The cost of the procedure also varies with places and also with packages. Medical pedicures in general are expensive than the traditional pedicures.

Benefits of Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is safe and hygienic. The instruments are sterilized and the best hygienic measures are adopted during the procedure. There is very little chance for person to person spread of diseases.

As there is no soaking in water, there is no proliferation of fungal diseases. A medical pedicure is the best way for diabetic foot. There are less chances for injury. The nozzles of the instrument does not cause any discomfort.

The corns and callosities are removed without affecting the dermis. A medical pedicure shows itself, ways to remove nail problems like ingrown toe nail, thickened nail plate etc.  A medical pedicure skilfully handles remote places of the foot. A medical pedicure is painless. It has long lasting effects too. In short, a medical pedicure provides overall foot wellness.