Matching Handbags And Clothes


No matter how many handbags a woman has in her closet, they are never enough.  We need them in different sizes, different colours, for different occasions, to match them to different outfits and different holding capacity.  With so many shapes, colours, textures, and women’s handbag styles to choose from, to find the perfect match for your clothes seems like a daunting challenge.  Daunting it may be but you can be sure the fashionistas have great fun choosing the right bags to match the outfit and the occasion.

Before selecting a handbag, you need to consider what kind of clothes you have in your wardrobe i.e. trendy, classic, casual or dressy.  One must consider whether one’s clothes are plain unpatterned.  You should also know where you plan to go and what you will be doing that day.

The next thing is to choose the colour first.  If, you are going to be dressed in neutral tones, why not carry a bright handbag to add some punch and a zing of colour to your outfit.  If, your wardrobe choice involves bright, vivid hues, tone it down with a basic brown or black handbag.  Bags matching outfits is not really necessary, but ensuring all colours complement each other is necessary.  For one tone outfits, why not carry a patterned bag whose colours match the outfit.

As for size wise, select a purse that’ is proportional to your outfit.  A giant handbag looks stylish, but may look out of place when wearing a femininely pretty sundress.  However, it is not necessary to sacrifice functionality for stylish though tiny clutch purse.  Cute they may be but they don’t hold much.

When choosing handbags also keep length in mind.  A shoulder bag should hit at a flattering spot on your body, as handbags add bulk to the frame.  If, you are large of hip, your handbag should stop at the waist, in order to draw the eye upward.  Thick-waisted people should pick bags with longer straps.

An important part of women’s accessories, choosing the right handbag that matches your outfit is as important as what you are wearing.  Not only do they make fashion statements, women’s handbags also tell something about the owner’s personality.  Leather handbags are durable and have an expensively sophisticated look and feel, coming in many different styles and colours.  For those who agree with the PETA, jute handbags look great teamed up with Indian wear like kurtis on top of jeans, salwar kameezes etc.  They look great with long casual cotton skirts, as well.

Embroidered, sequinned ethnic bags work well with a plain outfit or a simple sarees.  Casual multi-coloured cotton bags look trendy with jeans and other western outfits.  Exquisitely embroidered satin and silk ethnic bags are ideal for weddings and important events.

Whatever the occasion there is a handbag for every season!