Match Your Makeup With Your Saree

Match Your Makeup With Your Saree

Match Your Makeup With Your Saree

While, you may be a dab hand at tying a saree, however, you may still need to know how to match your makeup with the saree you are proposing to wear. A timeless classic, even the most ordinary looking girl is transformed into a real charmer, the moment she dons a saree. And, it goes without saying that the makeup to be worn with your saree must be natural looking, while matching its elegance.

Before making up the face, cleanse well to remove dirt and oil, by way of preparing a perfect base for concealer and foundation. Go in for a dramatic eye makeup to accentuate your face. Eye shadow and blush should not clash with your saree colours, so pick a colour from and match your eye shadow, blush and lipstick so they don’t clash.

Eye shadow and blush

For example, if your saree is in shades of orange, green and gold, you can use any or all three eye shadow colours to do up your eyes. As for blush, it should be in orange, peach or earth tones so as not to clash with the orange colour of your saree. And, that goes for lipstick colour as well. For a trendy look, match eyeliner and mascara colour with your saree e.g. green mascara and orangey gold or greeny gold eyeliner.

As for the accessories, you mustn’t forget to put on a bindi, without which if wearing a saree any makeup would be incomplete. Large and glittering, the colour of your bindi should match that of your saree, without forgetting that the shape of your bindi should complement the shape of your face. Complete the look with a classic bun with strings of jasmine and mogra for a saree perfect look. Dress your hair with gold ornaments if attending a wedding.


Last but not least, apply pale pink, peach or orange nail polish to complete your makeup that matches your saree! Slip on some glass bangles in shades of orange, green and gold, colours, another accessory that like the bindi adds the finishing touch to wearing a saree. As for handbag and sandals, either brown or beige should do nicely!