Massage For Women

Massage For Women

Your woman may love sex as well as massage and it will prove wonderful when you provide her with the combination of two. Such a night of sensual massage will remain unforgettable to her. You can impress your woman through sensual massage and add spice to your sexual life. Some men consider it as an amazing private act but very few of them venture to try it even once. Many men are afraid that they may be rejected by their women or they do not know how to introduce the topic of a massage to her.

Mostly women are open to sensual massage, but in your case it wholly depends on your woman’s mood. You can start with giving her regular massage and carefully increase the intimacy. Here are some useful methods to give her sensual massage. Preparation For Massage: Before starting sensual massage, some preparation is to be done. To provide her with full enjoyment you need to arrange certain things like oil that is safe for internal use, or a lotion for the massage, some wipes and towels.

You should take care of some important things – your nails should be trimmed and hands should be washed, cleaned and warmed properly. Do not apply lotion directly on her body. Take a small amount of oil on your hand and rub them together, then start the massage. Give her a light touch first, and then try to make her aroused.

Give Massage With Your Body

Give Massage With Your Body: A sensual massage is not given with the hands alone -rather use your body to provide her with sensual massage. Make use of you chest, stomach and arms. You can also make use of tongue and mouth for giving her sensual massage. Caressing and blowing warm breath on body will also give an erotic feeling to her.

Touch All The Zones That Are Important

Touch all the zones that are important: You know very well what parts of her body get the most attention. Touch and reach all important parts like nipples, feet and vagina; at the same time touch other body parts that increase her arousal such as the ears, the fingers, the wrists, the backside of neck and the insides of her knees.

You Can Kiss, Rub, Nibble And Lick These Body Parts

You can kiss, rub, nibble and lick these body parts. Do not forget the most important erogenous zones of her body like the breasts, the labia and the clitoris. You should stimulate those parts too. You can give her a sensual bath too. You should fill the tub with warm water, some soap and blindfold her while she is in it to increase her arousal, you can also get in with her.