Marry Me


Marry me is a romantic novel. It is not only romantic but is a very comedy romantic novel wherein you can forget your worries and laugh to any extent to feel free from all the worries and sadness of life.

This is the work written by Bobby Crosby and illustrations are done by Remy Eisu Mokhtar who is known for his other comics too. Eisu as he is fondly called by his fans lives in Malaysia.

This is the story of a famous pop star, who has faced lot of problems in her life.

The pop star is so frustrated with her past life and the memories that she feels miserable to lead a normal life. Her past love life was really frustrating leaving her all alone. She got into a relationship like any normal girl just to find that her love was only behind her for the name and fame that she had. Finally there came a day when she was left helplessly alone and had to move ahead in life. Since she was a pop star it was quite obvious that she had to move on in life to make a better career.

Frustrated with all that had happened to her life, she marries a random fan of hers. She marries that fan of hers who is seen to hold a MARRY ME sign board in one of her live concerts.

The pop star, named Stasia, gets a priest and gets married to that fan of hers in front of the entire audience. The fact about the guy was that he was holding the sign board for one of his friends who had gone away for the nature’s call somewhere behind the bushes.

Things change when Stasia commits in front of the huge audience and the world that she was very serious about the relationship and the marriage and would be married to that guy for the rest of her life.

The positive points in this comic are the characters that are perfectly designed for the roles that they play. They have shown very clearly that Stasia is a kind of person who can never be liked by a guy since she is very inconsistent and out of control due to her emotions many a times.

There are lot of things that makes the comic a real comedy wherein both the guy and Stasia who are said to be in the mid twenties are pretty nervous about sex and related feelings.

It is a well written comic novel, but for it to become a successful movie depends on the choice of the characters that have to play the roles and the direction of the same. Read it to enjoy it more.