Marital relationship after child birth


As we all know that the first year of marriage goes well as both the individual are pretty much new to each other. But after one year some problems and conflicts start taking place in a married life. Child is one of the best gift one gets in a marital life. But generally with the coming of child the marital relationship starts to reduce. Both the individuals get themselves involve in caring child to such a extent they cannot spare time for themselves. It is a fact that pre-parental preparations start few months before the arrival of the new born. Both the parents and then family members start to prepare themselves for the child which is about to come. The mother starts reading books on child care and father starts gathering the toys and essential materials for the child. But in this preparation they both fail to notice about the gap in relationship this new born child has started to bring about.

With the arrival of the child in their life both of the couples experience a transformation in their life. They start to avoid their marital relationship and indulge in caring for the child more. Though caring of the child is good but not unto an extent where the two cannot give time for their marital relationship. There are several problems associated with the child which makes life irritable. Late night feeding and diaper changing disturb the whole schedule. Preparing different kind of food for their child and taking care of him/her all day long sometimes become very exhausting. The mothers experience a sudden weight loss and dark circles around the eyes. Both parents indulge in different conflicts related to the caring and feeding of the child which weakens their relationship to some extent.

The first thing that one should learn at the time of caring the child is that one should manage the marital relationship in a better way. One should learn to handle conflicts. Arguing with one another will ruin the marital relationship so it’s better to sit and talk about any, matter. This will help you in solving the matter in a better way. You should plan a schedule and should understand each other in every small and big thing. This will help you in maintaining a good marital relationship and you can also care your child in a better way.

Thus, if you are also experiencing some problems in marital relationship after your child birth then keeping the above stated things in mind you can easily maintain a better marital relationship.