Mallu Actor with Jackie Chan in Japanese Film


Versatile Malayalam actor Mohanlal will be featuring in a full fledged international film based on the life and times of Nair-San (1905 – 1990), a person of Indian origin (a Tamil father and a Malayalee mom) but who spent his most of the living years in Japan. Though in Japan, he was active and involved in the freedom struggle against imperialistic Great Britain and his cause was not just limited to India but also for several other parts of Asia.

Nair-San will be brought back with his life on the silver screen by Albert, a noteworthy person to the Film and Television Institute in Chennai. Committed to serious cinema, Albert is holder of three Kerala state awards.

In an interview, Albert says, ‘My fascination for Nair-San made me come up with a script and found many interested people in Japan. I thought one vital character of the film would suit Jackie Chan and sent the script to his office. Jackie Chan evinced his interest within a week for the cameo role and also volunteered to choreograph an action sequence’.

Featuring Nair-San has caught the imagination of Mohanlal and has given a 125-day call sheet to the director. Very excited Mohanlal stated, ‘My father had told me about Nair-San and I liked the person a lot. I was also told that he used to stay in Poojapura, the same area I stay in Thiruvananthapuram’.

The movie is to be produced by Morpheus Media Ventures Private Ltd., and music maestro A. R. Rahman is expected to give the background music.

The film will be shot exclusively in Japan, Inner Mongolia and some of the scenes in India.