Males having Androgen Deficiency go untreated: Research

Washington – Availability of medical help does not always make sure treatment for men with “androgen deficiency” – a condition that results in reduced libido, impotence and osteoporosis.Such shortage that involves lower amounts of male hormones, counting testosterone, also causes sleep trouble, depression and tiredness, as per the new research.

“The reasons for this are unknown but could be due to unrecognized androgen deficiency or unwillingness to prescribe testosterone therapy,” said Susan A. Hall who led the research.

Hall and colleagues examined data collected from 1,486 men (average age 46.4) to estimate the numbers being treated for androgen deficiency.

A total of 97 men met the criteria for having androgen deficiency. Eighty-six men were symptomatic and untreated, and 11 were prescribed testosterone treatment.

“Men were using the following: testosterone gel, testosterone patch, testosterone cream, testosterone cypionate (an injectable form of testosterone) or unspecified formulations of testosterone,” the study noted.

It established that men with untreated androgen shortage were the most probable to have low socio-economic status, to have no health insurance and to take delivery of primary care in an emergency department or hospital outpatient clinic.

“Under our assumptions, a large majority (87.8 %) of 97 men in our groups with androgen deficiency were not receiving treatment despite adequate access to care,” the study completed.

Conclusion of the study is slated to come into view in the approaching issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.