Makeup Woes

Makeup Woes

Makeup Woes

The ability to wear makeup throughout the day without any problems is what every woman wants. For that, the makeup has to be solid. It is another matter that in modern day lifestyle, women don’t have time to sit and do solid makeup. Today’s fast paced life has prompted women to think ‘Is there any make up that can be done but saves time’.

Some woman who have little time to spare for makeup, think the best makeup option for them is to apply makeup before going to sleep, then wake up in the morning with one less thing to do in hurry. For woman like that Mineral Makeup is the answer.

What Is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral Makeup, which has finely grounded natural minerals as ingredients, is something that has been there for over 30 years now. Mineral Makeup is suitable for both men and women. Health conscious people mostly prefer mineral makeup blushes and powder foundations, as these don’t contain any talc, preservatives, perfume, chemical dye, alcohol, and other harmful material.

Mineral Makeup

People prefer mineral makeup as its light, and has a natural feel to it. The mineral makeup results in a shine in the face all day long, but the wearer does not feel that he/she has a face heavy with makeup. Mineral makeup is usually preferred by people with sensitive skin or those who are prone to acne and rosacea problems.

Mineral makeup is ideal for these people as this gives them an option to try makeup, which otherwise is not possible. Mineral makeup is also available as eye shadow, makeup for cheeks brows, eyeliners, lips, and face.

Effectiveness Of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made up of ingredients like titanium, magnesium, aluminum, gold, and zinc that have been triple milled to make them powder thin to the maximum.

Mineral makeup is considered good for the skin, as it helps to control wrinkles. The SPF count of mineral makeup is 15, which makes it ideal for use in protection from the sun. In mineral makeup, a mix of zinc oxide and titanium is considered the best option to protect the face from the sun.

control wrinkles

Another advantage of mineral makeup besides being easy to apply and remove is that; it is hypoallergenic and does not block the skin pores, allowing proper nourishment to reach the skin.

The use of natural ingredients in mineral makeup it the best option, for someone who wants to wear it for the whole day. These qualities of mineral makeup make it a perfect makeup option to wear at night, wakeup in the morning and still look fresh.

Argument Against Mineral Makeup

Some people despite its qualities think mineral makeup irritates the skin, makes it look older. It may be known that mineral makeup is not for everyone, different people have different type of reaction towards different minerals.

wakeup in the morning

Its’ better to try out various types of mineral makeup to find out, what is right for a person.