Makeup in 5-Minutes


fivemintuemakeup For woman makeup is necessary, however sometimes it may be possible that they don’t have time. So to do makeup, women have to try and improvise the method in which they apply the makeup.

The key to makeup application within such a short time is to choose a simple look with the least fuss but still getting that sexy makeup.

However, a woman going for a 5-minute makeup needs to keep something’s in mind. These include keeping everything that is needed to do makeup handy, i.e. ready to apply when required. Since it requires a few things, a 5-minute makeup is perfect for holidays and takes little space. Following are some of the tips, alongside a timeline a woman can follow to do 5-minute makeup.

5-Minute Makeup Tips & Timeline

5-Minutes to Time

Use a multipurpose foundation/powder to give the skin a medium cover, apply it over the lips and eyelids, in ½ the time it takes than usual.

4-Minutes to Time

Use a cream-colored eye shadow, to give the eyes a pale look, and apply the eye shadow directly from the stick. If a woman does not like the cream-colored eye shadow, then applying a brown eye shadow will give the eyes an extra shine, can also be applied all over the eyelid to give the eyes a brown tone for a hot finish. However, a slight cover is all that is required and things should not be overdone.

3½ Minutes to Time

Blend the eye shadow with a powder and brush it over the top of the eyes. This will be enough to blend any of the harsh edges. Remember to apply eyeliner according to the eye shape. Concentrating on the outer corners of the eyes, apply gently and properly to avoid wastage of time and mess.

2½ Minutes to Time

Put a slight coat of mascara on to the eyelashes. The slight coat of mascara should be enough to manage the color of the lower eyelashes as also the upper eyelashes. Care should be taken while using the mascara wand tip for applying a coating.

1½ Minutes to Time

Apply a warm red colored blusher on the facial skin to give it a fabulous look. Sweep the blusher right from the cheeks right up to the eyes and blend. Using a powder blusher is ideal in case the woman have little time.

½ Minutes to Time

Apply a cherry red lipstick to the lips in a straight manner. First, apply to the lower lip then onto the upper lip. Press the lips together and adjust the lipstick on both the lips. Also using a lip brush is ideal when someone is short of time.