Makeup For Women With Warm Skin And Dark Hair


Makeup for Women with Warm Skin and Dark Hair

Determine your skin tone by looking at the veins on the tops of your feet or inner wrists. If they are green, then you have a warm complexion.

Women with warm skin tones need to wear shades like warm red, burnished brown among others to complement the complexion and emphasize features. The following are makeup tips for women who have light or dark brown hair and brown, hazel, dark blue, grey, or green eyes.

Applying Makeup

Apply Foundation: Apply liquid foundation and blend it with the color of the neckline to achieve a natural effect.  Then use a concealer to cover blemishes.  Be sure to avoid foundation with pink undertones, and stick to yellow bases such as tan, cream, wheat, honey, beige and amber.

Apply Foundation

Applying Powder: Apply a translucent, loose powder.  Remove excess powder with a large, soft brush.

Applying Powder

Applying Eye Shadow: Apply eye shadow with natural highlights, but be sure to choose a shadow that is gold, copper, eggshell, apricot, beige, chocolate, taupe, or olive colored. Also apply a contrasting color to draw more attention.

Apply Eye shadow

Using a sponge-tipped eye shadow applicator to apply eye shadow and applying a red-brown shadow to the entire eyelid is an option.

Applying Eyebrow Pencil: Applying an eyebrow pencil correctly is important, as the eyebrows need to be subtle.  Using soft strokes of a brown eyebrow pencil, or a brown eye shadow to achieve a softer effect is ideal.  Afterwards, brush and slick the hairs in place.

Applying Eyebrow Pencil

Applying Powder Blusher: Applying a proper powder blush is important. This should preferably be in a warm, tawny brown shade. The powder blush should be dusted from the cheeks up to the temples. If the color is strong, then tone it down a little by using a translucent powder.

Applying Powder Blusher

Applying Lipstick: Applying a fiery red lipstick is ideal for a warm skinned woman. This balances her overall look. Also use a lip brush to ensure that every tiny crease and crevice is covered. This also helps the lipstick color stay on for a much longer period of time.

Applying Lipstick

Applying Blush: Applying a bronzer and lip color that matches the skin’s natural color is important. Apart from avoiding pinks and purples, and opaque and frosted tones, it is important that cheek colors come with red and orange tones such as peach, mango, copper, cranberry, strawberry, or tawny.

Applying Blusher