You have been seeing the pictures of models on covers of magazines and packs. You wonder how they are able to maintain such beautiful skins that they don’t have to use makeup. You are deceiving yourself. A lot of people know this already. So if you don’t know then sorry. Those looks are all makeup. It is true that this is done for them by professionals but you can do it for yourself and have such amazing result in five minutes.

Natural look with makeovers
You only need a water base light foundation. If it is too thick, add a few drops of water. Apply it thoroughly over the face and the neck not forgetting behind the ears. Blend it well with a sponge and leave it to dry completely. You can now apply a light blush to bring back color to your cheeks. Blend the edges by using a soft brush. For good finishing, you can apply a few coats of mascara. You can now check yourself in the mirror and you see that charming look.

A soft, feminine finish
Line the eyes by using a dark blue eye pencil to brighten the whites of the eyes. You can make a long diagonal line under the cheekbone with a foundation that is darker in tone. You can drag it to the top of the ears. This will give you a better contoured face.

On the forehead below your hairline, apply rouge or blusher. This will add some glow to the whole face. Apply it also on the cheeks – above the diagonal line – and the temples. Blend it well. You can correct uneven lip contours with a brown lip pencil. At the end of the upper lips draw tiny corner. Apply lipstick.

The nose
You can correct a flat wide nose by applying a foundation that is a bit darker than your skin tone over the nostrils. An off-white highlighter down the middle of the nose will follow this. Let it blend well. For prominent eyes, go for a dark eye shadow. The eyes will appear wider as compared to the nose.