Make up for Asian Skin


Makeup is very essential to bring up the hidden beauty of any woman. The important concept to be kept in mind while applying makeup is that it must match your skin. It must not be overdone so that it spoils the look of the person.

Choosing the right foundation:
Always the makeup starts with cleansing and toning the skin with a branded cleanser and toner. Then a primer must be applied that helps your makeup last longer. Then comes the most important step in your makeup, which is the foundation. Care must be taken that the complexion of the foundation must match your skin. Generally for Asian women, a foundation with yellow undertones would suit the best since they have a yellowish complexion rather than whitish or pinkish when compared with the foreigners.

Test the foundation complexion:
Before applying the foundation, it is very important to test the same. The best place to test would be the jaw line, since testing it on hands or other places may vary results as the skin on face and hands may differ due to many reasons. The foundation must be blended well so that it looks even once applied on the face.

Makeup for the eye:
Asian women generally have pretty eyes that they can flaunt with the perfect makeup. High lighting the eyes is very important since that gives a sexy look to the eyes and makes you more attractive.

Blush and eye shades:
Blush is not so important in the makeup, since a small mistake in choosing a blush may ruin the entire look. The eye shade must always compliment the outfit and a shiny shimmer would add on to the glamorous look.
The lipstick chosen must be a light shade and a glossy finish over the lipstick is a must for parties.

Asian women generally prefer wearing saris for get together, so care must be taken that if the sari is of heavy work and grand, the accessories must be simple and elegant and vice versa since that makes a great difference in the entire look of the woman.

Thus with the right amount of cosmetics and with the right choice of colours and shades, the makeup can make you look the prettiest woman in the world. But see to it that you choose the best.