Makeup For A Special Date


Are you getting ready for a romantic night on the town with a cute guy? Then, your makeup for the date needs to be feminine and flirty, a perfect mix of sweet ‘n sexy. Entice him with your eyes by wearing shimmery eye shadow set off with bold eyeliner. Rest of your make-up needs to be muted, so as not to detract from the eyes. As most girls know, men as a general rule prefer a clean face. They are not as much into makeup as we girls. Best thing is to play up your most important feature. Let it take centre-stage, while the others accentuate it, rather than draw attention to themselves.

Begin preparing for your date by taking an invigorating shower to get the blood circulation going, exfoliate, cleanse deeply and with the skin still damp, smooth in a non-greasy skin-oil or lotion of your choice. This is also a good time to apply perfume to your pulse points.

Next clean, tone and moisturise your face, get it ready for the makeup ritual. Play it safe by going in for something soft and pretty. Until you know what kind of girl he likes, sultry lips or smokey eyes may have him slot you with the vamps. Start off by applying a thin layer of foundation, next dab concealer around the eyes and follow up with an eye-base to keep your eye shadow in place for hours. Your face is now primed for the next step i.e. makeup for your date.

1. Pick a main eye shadow colour to flatter your skin tone. Corals, salmons, peaches and browns are best for warm skin tones. Sweep your entire lid with coral eye shadow, apply smokey charcoal or dark brown in the crease for balance, highlight with a shimmery beige / gold / peach.

Those with cool skin tones or those with blue or green eyes, would be best off with eye shadow the colour of their eyes and cool silvers, beiges or pale pinks for highlighting. Dark brown or black with contrasting colours like lilac works well for dark eyes, with amber or deep gold highlights, bringing out their best.

2. Next, apply eyeliner with a pencil and soften the line with a Q-tip.
3. Finish off the eyes with a couple of coats of mascara.
4. For the cheeks, it would be best to use a blusher in a natural shade to keep the look soft and subtle.
5. Use tinted gloss or sheer lipstick in a colour that doesn’t clash with the rest of your makeup or clothes.

Accessorise with jewellery, bags and shoes for a polished, finished look. You are now ready to him off his feet!