Lowering Your Cholesterol the Healthy Way without Medications

lower cholesterol

One of the most taken medications on the market today is for lowering your cholesterol. The easiest way to do that in our society has been, taking a prescribed medication from your healthcare professional.

However, many people are considering alternatives for prescription medications for lowering their cholesterol. You can do a little investigation and find several alternatives available, to lower your cholesterol without prescription medications.

Choices and substitutes that are not prescriptions for lowering your cholesterol

Physical exercise is always an alternative to improving your health. The exercise can work in tandem with your prescription, or in place of your prescription medications to improve your health.

Low impact exercises have been found to be the best. Exercises that would be included in that list are Reiki, Yoga and any other exercise, specifically designed to lower your cholesterol.

Exercise for your body is also good for your mind. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. By reducing stress, you can find your cholesterol being reduced by the physical exertion of your body through exercise. Sometimes, even the idea of taking better care of your body and health can help to reduce stress. These are two advantages that are received from exercise.

Consult with your family health professional to determine, what exercise can work best for you. After choosing that exercise, whether it’s weightlifting, cardio, walking or yoga, remain with the regiment to see results. Many people start an exercise program and don’t remain with the exercise program long enough, to determine if, it has provided any benefits to their physical and mental health. Your physician can advise you, how long you can wait to expect any results from the type of exercise program chosen for you.

Your diet can affect your cholesterol levels
Physicians may also suggest controlling your cholesterol by changing or modifying your diet. If your current diet includes foods, that are bad for your cholesterol, he will ask you to reduce or eliminate these from your diet. In addition, there are foods that are good for reducing your cholesterol, which you’re not eating; he may add these to your diet.

Remember, your cholesterol didn’t rise to these levels overnight and so, reducing them will also take time.

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