Love Making And 9 Myths

Love making is many a times referred to as the most popular sport world over. Whatever may be the age of the players, whatever may be the country, everybody wants to excel in his or her role in bed. Love making is popular among couples either into a marriage bond or outside it.

Thus there are lots of studies and researches that aim at improving awareness of safe sex, increase performance and control unwanted births. But in spite all these love making is encircled with many myths.

First myth in modern times is that effectively of [email protected]@ is considered to be 100% in arousing sexual urge. This is not true as it is only a catalyst and men must have natural sexual desire erection ability, which is enhanced by [email protected]@. But its overdose can cause heart attacks.

Second myth is presence of hymen proves virginity. Its breakage is proof that he woman had a prior sexual encounter. This is wrong as hymen can rapture can be due to cycling, dancing, horse riding also. Sexologists also suggest that women are born with hymen of various shapes and sizes and in many it is totally absent.

Withdrawal before climax is an effective birth-control is third myth as pre-ejaculation fluid also has sperms, capable of fertilizing.

Fourth myth is oral sex is safe and does not spread sexually transmitted diseases since a woman cannot get pregnant this way.
Arousal in men and women is inherent. No food, termed as “aphrodisiacs” can stimulate mood. It can only point at any erotic memory or wish. This is fifth myth.

Sex in ‘safe period’ is effective in preventing pregnancy. This is sixth myth as it is difficult to determine those particular days after menstruation when women does not ovulate. Seventh myth is contraceptive pills safeguard against transmission of STD’s. This is wrong as it only stops pregnancy.

Measuring your manhood with size is eighth myth. It is actually how well you please your woman with those sexual acts which matters, not size. Watching pornographic movies or pictures while intercourse enhances effectiveness and urge is a nineth myth. This is farce as these things can temporarily arouse your desire but in later lives only add up to your dissatisfaction in bed or with your partner as they are all overly fabricated and not at all closer to practical acts.