Love does not demand sexual relationship

We all are well aware of the word ‘love’. Every living thing in this world desires love, no matter in whatever way it is. Even our pet animals desire that we should love them. Many young boys and girls in this modern world are engaged in love with each other. In fact, every human being in his or her life span falls in love atleast once. Everyone dream that there should be someone of the opposite sex, who should love and care for them. They desire to have someone, with whom they can share all their problems, which they feel shy to discuss with anyone.

We all dream of a lover who should have all the qualities we desire. Guys generally expect that their partners should be smart, good looking, intelligent, caring, and loving. On the other hand, girls usually desire that their partner should have a good personality, should be intelligent, and should have good nature and attitude. The top most quality that a girl desires is that the guy should have the love and care only for her. Because of this reason many relationships have been broken, as guys usually fail to develop this quality.

It is a proven fact of science, that everyone is attracted to the opposite sex. We can dream of a lover at any stage of our life, as we need some love and affection through out the life. But dream lover is generally the dream of everyone, especially for the young generation. As they grow up, they start maintaining a distance from their parents and family. They feel the need of someone special, so that they can spend their time with them. They dream of an opposite sex to share their views, someone who loves and care them. As a result of that, many young boys and girls in this age gets attracted to their sexual desires and start committing adultery. It is not necessary to develop sexual relationship with the one you love.

Young generation usually relates love with sexual relationship. The definition of love for them is sexual relationship. They make sexual relationship in the early stages of life, due to which they face various problems throughout their life. Girls usually suffer more, as they generally make sexual relationship in premature stage of their body. As their body was not fully matured or prepared to have sexual relationship, they face different diseases which sometimes even cause death.

Thus, if you are in love or you desire a dream lover, just keep in mind that love is done from the heart and not from the body.