Love at first sight


loveatfirstsight It has happened to you many times. Whiles moving along you spot him or her sitting quietly sitting reading a book waiting for a bus. You can’t help but take a second and a third look.

Could this be love at first sight? Or it is just some flash? Then, the question that you want to ask is whether love at first sight is real.

Scientist don’t agree

For most people this exists. But scientists have proven that love at first sight does not really exist. It is just one of those saying that have come to catch up with people.

For scientists, real love affairs are those that lead to marriage. Anything less than that is referred to as infatuation. But there should be some truth in the saying. Love could be started by very little things.

What is more important is what developed out of the first meeting. If the love that grows from the first stimulus develops into a lasting relationship, then we can say that love at first sight exists. It is just like people dying because they believe in a voodoo curse.

Looking makes you feel

Romantic love is very important for society. People are always looking for something to trigger this; and looks play a very important role in falling in love.

Gazing into the eyes of people of the opposite sex can convey powerful feelings. When you look eyeball to eyeball with good looking strangers, it could flame up love.

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist says that eye contact is part of the nature of all animals. For her eye contact is a basic instinct triggered in the human brain.

It can cause two kinds of responses – approach or retreat. Looking directly into someone’s eyes can cause strong sensations comparable to fear. Therefore it can be one of the first means of making people fall in love with you.

It has been established that the more you stare in someone’s eyes the more love you feel for the person. This is a conclusion from a research done by Zick Rubin. This means that if you want someone to fall in love with you, increase the time you gaze into the person’s eyes.