Love and Infatuation – The difference


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Everyone wants to be loved. We are all looking for someone who will make our hearts beat, someone we can take along to a far away place for an exciting adventure. That might be how you feel now as you read this little piece.

love is a dynamic thing; it goes through changes as the two people involved, grow and become mature. The experiences of life come to bear how love is felt between two people.

How they define love is affected by things like career, job and family. As people grow, they are able to trust and appreciate each other more. They find it easier to depend on each other during difficult times.


Infatuation is a strong feeling you have for someone of the opposite sex. You think of that person all the time and you want to give up all other things, just to be with the person.

Infatuation is a short and static experience. It does not last and has no real hope for positive growth. There is no confidence or fidelity in relationships established on infatuation.

Everyone gets infatuated at one point or the other, even with their loved ones. When two lovers find themselves apart due to distance, they do think of each other. Men are more likely to organize themselves in a way that they can keep such feelings on hold, when they are engaged in other activities.

Knowing the difference

It is very easy to want to know the difference between love and infatuation. However, it is not very easy to establish that difference. You could strike the difference by trying to find out if such a feeling is bringing the best or the worst in you.

If it is the worst, you are sure it is infatuation. If the feeling will potentially lead to your happiness, then you know it is love. This calls for an honest self-evaluation.

It is said that infatuation is love with only two dimensions. In real love, there is a third dimension, which is reality. The reality is that in love you are more together and feel part of each other.

Love will make you meet under different circumstances. There is what is called the love interest and the lust interest. Lust interest is associated mostly with infatuation.