Look ten years younger


Everyone wants to look younger, as we get older. There are many tips and methods to make you look younger. Here are some basic tips which you can follow regularly to make you look ten years younger.

Dress properly – Avoid the oldie kind of clothes. Try some slim fit pair of jeans and some colourful t-shirts. The old mommy jeans with the pants pulled till the waist will give the odd looks and will make you look elder. Check the clothing which will look comfortable and suitable for your attire.

Eliminate greyGray hair is the obvious stuffs which make you look elder. Find a hairdresser and get a suitable hair colour to get rid of your grey hairs. You can try different shades suitable for the nature of your hair and your looks. Different hair style and colour will not only make you look young, but also boost your energy.

Maintain your skin – As you grow old, the skin may develop red spots. You can take appropriate treatment to reduce the red spots on your skin and get back the fresh look on your skin. Spot treatments and creams are available in market these days to reduce these red spots on your skin.

Dark circles below eyes – You can use a cream concealer to reduce the dark circles beneath your eyes and thereby making your eyes look bright and better. Eyes are the first part of body showcasing the freshness and energy in you. Keep your eyes bright to make you look younger.

Bright smile – Dull face and a dull skin may make you look older even at your younger age also. Try for maintaining your skin bright with natural elements with yogurt or herbs. Bring back the bright smile on your face. You can try breathing exercises, yoga or meditations to get rid of the stress built in you and get back the bright smile.

Eat healthy – The beautiful look of your body depends on the healthy inner system. Eat healthy foods like fruits and salads. Avoid junk foods which are rich in calories and fats. Healthy eating is the best way to maintain your body healthy and fresh.

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