Look after your pelvic floor with TENA


There are certain heath problems, which are not discussed by most of the women as they feel they are the one suffering from it. But the fact is the problems like weak pelvic floor is seen in almost 80% of the women at some stage of their lives.
A lot of physical and hormonal changes are seen during pregnancy that gets manifested in the behavior of the women. As the pregnancy progresses the stress on the uterus increases which in turn creates a pressure on the bladder. The bladder is placed just below the uterus.
Pregnancy and childbirth is the time when the uterus and bladder is under stress. So proper measures should be taken to cope up with this stress and maintain a healthy bladder. Every woman should think either at the time of pregnancy or after the delivery that how to strength their pelvic floor.
A proper strengthening of the pelvic floor is a must, as a failure in doing so will lead to bladder weakness. This bladder weakness is characterized by the passage of the urine without one’s knowledge. The leaks can be of few drops or in some cases may be severe. But with the advancement of the science this problem is very much curable.
TENA has done a lot of research on this problem and has come up with many information that give a detailed description about the pelvic floor problem and many exercises that helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles so that one can get rid of this pelvic floor problems.
Most the women feel ashamed to go out because of this problem. Now they enjoy their pregnancy and even go out with their baby inspite of this problem. All this is just because of the TENA PRODUCTS – TENA LADY AND TENA PANTY. The TENA products are of different types such as TENA Lady Mini Magic. This is for those who lose just a few drops of urine.
The other product is slightly longer than TENA Lady Mini Magic which has a little higher absorption capacity. So all these TENA products are well formulated and can be used by all suffering from bladder weakness.
So as this pelvic problem is seen in most of the women, so they should follow proper exercises and use the TENA products.