Loneliness in childhood lead to depression: Ashley Judd


London – The sensational Hollywood Actress Ashley Judd reveals the reason for why she had suffered from depression. According to her the reason was her loneliness. She was being left alone at home when her mother, singer Naomi, toured the world.As per the sources, Ashley declared publicly that she was suffering from depression and tried to fight this problem. For that she entered a programme at Shades of Hope Treatment Centre in Buffalo Gap, Texas in 2006, and now she confesses that she has always battled the blues.

She said: ‘I had a very unsafe and unstable childhood about 10 months out of the year. I didn’t have my normal, natural little-girl needs met. I was left on my own a great deal. There was a time when I skipped a whole week of school because my mum was on the road, I didn’t have a ride and I’d gotten ashamed of calling friends.

I had my first childhood depression at eight – severe, intense, hole-in-the-soul loneliness. No one noticed.’

Ashley, the star of ‘Double Jeopardy‘ had once dated crooner Michael Bolton and came to India to hoist AIDS awareness.