Live Long By Following These Four Steps


We don’t think anything beyond diet and good exercise to live long and younger. However, for your kind information we do have a few techniques to live longer and it can be achieved after reading this article. It’s hard to believe but it is true if you think positively. So, let the sun shine over you and be blessed to all.

If you are feeling blue and want to live long just join a home group or any group that would inculcate positive vibe in you. Become extrovert, here I don’t mean you should be telling out everything that you need to hide but be frank and share what you have. This will lighten your mood and when there is positive vibration within you then nothing can stop you to live longer and youthful without any worry.

The next step is to good work that would bring peace to your heart and soul. This is also to mean making others happy as well. When you see others feeling happy you gain extra bonus. When you are in a group try to cheer up others who are not in the state of happy mood, this is sure to enhance your positive feelings. There is no happiness that is greater than making other people cheerful. Try to sing and dance with your fellow mates.

The third step is to do a bit of prayer. Prayer is a must if you want to live longer because there is nothing without prayer to help you achieve inner peace. Worship really helps you out when you are not keeping well and when you are alone. When you are in a peaceful state you are free from all anxieties however, when you are not feeling nice and end up hurting yourself then even your immune system also tends to become weaker. This happens because when you are not keeping well you lose your appetite and this in return brings so many diseases.