Lip Shades for You


The first thing you should remember is that lipstick should match your skin tone and not your wardrobe. The second thing is to find out your skin tone. There are basically two types of skin tones – warm and cool. Warm or yellowish skin tones are natural and earthy like Red with yellow undertone, Brick Red, Rust, Peachy, Brown, Coral, and Sandalwood etc. Cool or bluish tones usually contains the names of berries and include colours like Red with blue undertone, Cherry, Pink , Plum, Crimson, Mulberry, Mauve etc.You can find out your skin tone by rubbing any orange or rust colour on one cheek and rubbing pink or lavender colour on other cheek. The colour which looks best on your skin is your skin tone. Now you could proceed to select different shades under each type of skin tone. Red lipstick can be worn by both warm as well as cool women but true red colour is slightly bluish so warm women should go for red colours which have shades of brown or orange.

You should try to use a lip pencil or lip liner before applying lipstick as lip pencil adds fullness if drawn just outside the natural lip line while making the lips appear slightly thinner if drawn just on the inside. If you want to get a luscious pout, add fullness to the bottom lip by using a lip pencil which is l two shades lighter than the one you have used on your upper lip.

Lip gloss not only shines your lips but also add essential oils like vanilla, clove, grapefruit, lavender and rose which make your lips healthy. The lip gloss is also available in various shades. You can choose lip gloss with colour one shade darker or lighter than your lipstick. You can also wear the lip gloss alone to get a natural look.

The best way would be to choose lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss from same warm or cool skin tone. Apple the lipstick first, then apply lip pencil with one shade darker than lipstick. Finish by applying lip gloss with one shade lighter than lipstick.