Lime and Beauty


limebeauty A simple little fruit, found in most kitchens, can offer you more beauty solutions than you might think. Adding a little lemon to your beauty regimen can work wonders.

For an inexpensive astringent, use a cotton ball to apply a few drops of lemon juice mixed with equal water to your face. Simple and efficient! If you want to remove the unsightly redness of a blemish, dab lemon juice on the area a few times a day.

Take the juice of one lemon, two parts coarse salt and one part olive oil and mix them into a paste for a fantastic exfoliating scrub. Use in the tub, just before you shower for the best results. And don’t forget to moisturize afterwards!

For a nightly face wash, try a little turmeric powder and lemon juice for 10 minutes before bed. This isn’t a morning wash, as the yellow turmeric powder could slightly stain your face for a while.

Papaya pulp and lemon juice makes a great face mask. Two tablespoons of papaya and 10 drops of lemon juice is all you’ll need! Mix them up and apply to your face for 20 minutes. For a little added bonus during your mask time, add a twist of lemon to a glass of water. It tastes great, helps your complexion glow, and keeps you healthy.

Steaming your face once, a week is very important. Bring water to a boil and squeeze half a lemon into the bowl. Place a towel over your head to form a steam tent over the bowl, letting the steam work its magic for 15 minutes. After you’re done, wait at least 15 minutes before applying a moisturizer.

Maybe you want a little change in your hair color. Lemon juice can even do that. Add lemon juice to any areas you want to lighten and then sit in the sun for around 15 minutes, but be careful! Dry hair could be damaged by this process. This also works on elbows, knees, and other areas that might have hyper-pigmentation.

Even age spots can’t defend against the power of a lemon. Hold a wedge over an age spot for around 10 minutes, and then rinse the area with water. Do this once a day and your age spots should lighten or vanish quickly. A lemon peel rubbed on your teeth can help remove stains, too.

Lightening isn’t the only thing lemons can do to hair. Add lemon juice to a cup of water and pour it over your hair after you’ve washed it. This is a final hair rinse, so don’t wash the good stuff away. Shampoo residue can be washed out beforehand with a little extra lime squeezed in during your rinse.