Lighten your eyes with Eye Makeup


A few simple tricks with an eyeliner or eye shadow can give a magical look to your face and will also help in shaping your eyes. You can make use of an eye pencil other than eyeliner to get a similar effect.

Make your eyes look bigger

Keep in mind that light shades stick out. So you will want to brighten your eyes. Use a neutral shade with a light color on the lines of the lid area situated in the upper portion of the iris. In case of colorful shades, use the neutral shade on the first bone, vanilla, mushroom and layer your color onto the top. You will find a glow appearing like a lightbulb burning at the back of your eyelid. Or rub some light color shade on your lids and some dark color on the fold and near the lower and upper lash lines. Another option is to use an eyeliner that gives your eye that natural shape. Then draw a very thin line on the bottom and top portion of your eye lashes to give more volume to your eyes.

Lighten your eyes with eye makeup and get your eyes the oval look

To get an oval look for the eyes, you need to draw a thin line at the bottom of your lashes. Make it a bit thicker at the middle of the eyelid and continue drawing till you reach the outer corner. This will make your eyes look oval.

Get that round look for your eyes

In order to make your eyes look round, you need to apply some eye shadow towards the corner of the lower and upper lids. Alternately you can use your eyeliner to draw an outline on the base of your eyelashes. As you proceed, reach the corner on the outer part wing and thicken the line and move it upwards very slowly.

Lighten your eyes with eye makeup and get your eyes that closer look
Apply some medium or neutral eye shadow shades towards the corner inside our eyelids. You may also use eyeliner and draw a line slightly thicker in the corner inside the eye and halt this line when you see the end of the outer corner of your eye.