Life Without Television


Imagine life without television, what would it be like? For most of us, our evenings revolve around the television set, our favourite soaps, our favourite shows, our favourite programmes. I mean perish the thought, if after dinner one could not get a daily dose of Friends or Sex And The City or Coronation Street. On the other hand, life with television means it is the only place to get our entertainment. Instead, of socialising outside the home, we refuse to go out as in days past, before the advent of the Idiot box occupied us so.

However, there are many brave enough to relegate television on the back burner of their lives. All because, they found being addicted to the Idiot box was making heavy inroads into their personal life, which they no longer had. Even their children have adapted remarkably well to life without television. In fact, many of them are living an idyllic life without any soaps or serials to take up their time. Time, which is now spent outdoors, picknicking, or picking blackberries of an afternoon after work or school. Pleasant activities life with television seemed to deprive them of.

No doubt, certain TV programmes can be educational and entertaining, yet any one watching television is also incessantly targeted with product advertising. With no telly to watch, children come up with imaginative games, instead of the passive entertainment TV offers. It’s not like live without television deprives children and adults of crucial cultural references. Not so, there are other ways to get some a dose of culture, like read a book, write, go watch a play, a ballet, go to the opera, or walk the dog, an activity that is bound to help forge new friendships. And, very soon you’ll once again have a personal life to boast about!

But, the fact is that despite all the great reasons of beginning a life without television, truth to tell, how many of us have the courage or will power to turn it off. For most people, especially those who are on their own, the chatter from the Idiot box makes them feel less alone. So, instead of doing away with television altogether, one suggestion would be to have a couple of televisionless nights a week. And, to avoid the withdrawal pangs of no television, why not invite a couple of friends round for dinner and coffee after! Balance your life with television with that without it.