Lies Spare A Love Relationship


There may be many reasons behind the act of telling lots of lies. It is a common fact that when males tell lies then they are awfully creative. However, when females do so, they try to avoid conflicts. So, here are some common lies that you should watch out intelligently in your spouse.

Five common lies that men tell to women:
I am sorry!” This is the most common and easy lie that men can use to easily escape from their awkward situation. This secures them easily from the bulk of arguments. In addition, it also makes them innocent too.
I am extremely single”: This lie is used by man to make his partner sure about his true love and also to make her feel that no one else in his life. By this lie, men have a smooth way in order to spend lot of time with her.
You do not look fat”: This lie is common among men to compliment their girlfriend or wife body feature. He uses this statement so that she may not become upset.
I am coming in just 15 minutes”: This is universal happening. Men never manage themselves to be on time and let their women to keep waiting and waiting. Therefore, he tells lie to her, just to make efforts in order to meet her.
I love to spend time with your dear mom”: Due to the love for his dear spouse, man finds it very necessary to tell woman about his feeling and involvement with her friends, work and family.
Five common lies that women tell to their man:
I am only twenty-three years old”: This is one of the common lie that most of the women tell about their age. They do so, just to convince their boyfriend that they are young.
I want to over this relationship or I want break-up with you”: Women say this lie when they actually want to be in that relationship. They think that this sort of statement serve like a threat for man in order to make some efforts to improve their relationship.

Yes! I have stunning boyfriend”: A woman tell it just to hurt man’s ego.
You are the only person for me”: In order to pamper male’s ego, women commonly say this lie. She want to make him sure that he is very important person on whom she is totally dependent.

I am not at all mad at you”: For the sake of emotional defense, woman use this lie when she is hurt by her partner in relationship.

As all the people tell lies in different situations of their life just to tackle their problems as well as maintain relationship. It can be easily stated that “Lies spare a love relationship”.