Libido : Tips To Stay Sexually Active

Tips To Stay Sexually Active

Not feeling sexually active over the past few months? Well, you will be surprised to note that there may be quite a few reasons for this condition in addition to just being tired or busy. Recent studies have concluded that more than one reason can be given for the lack of sex drive in adults. Some of the more common reasons include unbalanced diets, irregular exercises, less sleep etc.

These conditions are usually prevalent in most of the households where both the partners work long hours to run the family. This increased dedication towards work and decreased love life tends to make them part ways in the long run. If you have been experiencing the above mentioned symptoms and confess to having a diminished sex drive, here are a few quick tips to set things straight.

Eating Right

Eating Right: As we grow older, the strict focus on diet seems to decline and we find ourselves gorging on almost anything we find tasty. A healthy love life depends to a large extent on the type of food you eat and the correct amount of food you eat as well.

Experts claim that a healthy love life depends on the person following a healthy, balanced diet which in turn provides them with the energy, desire and the right mood. Unbalanced diets tend to leave the body with lesser energy which in turn diminishes the desire to get closer to your partner.

A calm state of mind is also considered healthy for a good sex drive. People who eat spicy and fried foods frequently have shown to beome irritable and uncomfortable when their partners get close to them.

In addition to this, doctors advise people to avoid stuffing themselves at night which in turn makes them sleepy. For example, dishes made of finely refined wheat flour and fermented ingredients overload the stomach and take very long times to digest, making the body heavy and uncomfortable.

Eating according to the season also helps. Accordingly, you can have almonds and hot chocolate in the winter season which heats up the body and increases your sexual desire. Alternatively, eating melons in the summer time can refresh and cool your body, leaving you energized and ready to go.

Avoid Smoking

The four ‘S’’s play an important role in determining a person’s sex drive. For the best results, people should refrain from consuming large quantities of alcohol and sugar, avoid smoking incessantly and be stress free. Foods that are rich in testosterone and estrogen can effectively increase the sexual desires of men and women respectively. Accordingly, men can eat black lentil regularly while women can include soya in their diets.

Exercising Regularly

Ghee made from cow’s milk ia very healthy appetizer and plays an important role in preventing acidity and constipation in addition to calming the mind to a great extent. Exercising Regularly: As time passes by, our body starts reacting differently to diverse conditions and exercising regularly is the only way to keep the mind and body fit.


A half hour of exercises in the morning tends to release thousands of feel-good hormones in your body which in turn makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated the entire day.

Walking plays an important role in improving an individual’s sex drive and it is recommended that you include a 45 minutes walk into your daily routine. In addition to this, yoga also provides the necessary setting to calm a person’s body and mind, resulting in a better libido.