Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Tea has different varieties and its taste varies from its different flavours. For instance, milk tea which is ancient tradition English tea, black tea and green tea which is famous in china and Japan. Green tea has got large amount of antioxidants content and it is best for removing ageing skin.Lemon tea is one of them. So far we are familiar with lemon juice and lemon water; however, lemon tea may sound little new addition to kitchen list.  Lemon tea is prepared in the same way how you make green tea.

The taste is fabulous; lemon tea blends well with honey instead of sugar. The preparation goes like this, boil water as you boil it for other tea, heat it up well  and add tea leaf and keep it for sometime and let it heat up well. Honey can be added when you pour tea in cup, now slice lemon and put the slice in the cup and allow it to mix well with honey and water.  You can also squeeze or take out juice and pour it in tea.

Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea

Lemon Tea To Reduce Body Discomfort

Benefits of drinking lemon tea in the morning, it prevents you from body discomfort and mental tanginess. There are adequate health benefits one can draw if the intake of lemon tea is made regular on daily basis which means every morning.

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Lemon Tea To Reduce Gastric

The tea is free from all sides affect like causing gastric if taken in empty stomach. It is the most refreshing flavoure one can think of. It is also a mood boosting, suppose you are tired and feeling lethargic then have a cup of lemon tea, it will drive away all the uneasiness and discomfort from your body. Besides, drinking lemon tea can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer. It is like drinking for your health, the benefits do not end here, and apart from skin cancer it can also counter many other cancer diseases. Hence, drinking lemon is highly recommended for your healthy health. Otherwise also it is best for your skin as well. Have with lemon tea.


  • Mr. Baloo

    I’m aged 72, vegetarian and diabetic. Was taking 2 nos (1mg) diabetic tablets. From past 3 weeks am drinking 3 cups of fresh lemon tea a day. 10 days ago my blood glucose levels dropped considerably. Doctor advised to reduce diabetic tabs by half, ie. 500 mg a day and now fasting blood glucoce level is still low. Question is: Does fresh lemon tea has any effect on diabetic control? Does it in any way make the pancreas produce more insulin thereby lessing the need to take diabetic tabs? Any research made on the matter?

  • Angela Apato Boromana

    I have started drinking lemon juice mixed in warm water with honey and I energetic through the day. It gives me a nice feeling. Also the heart burn which I have it regularly and the chest pains have left me.