Know About Female Bladder Problem


Female bladder problem is sudden urge to go to pee. There is leaking of urine and having frequent urination urges. These are the symptoms of what is called as urinary incontinence. This happens due to lack of bladder control. There are many causes for the problem. The most common cause is a gradual weakening of the pelvic nerves. You may also come across with many other incontinence as well.

Stress incontinence occurs when there is a weakening of the pelvic floor and that results in pressure on bladder that was fully functional before.  While you sneeze, laugh out loudly and any body pressure will make your underwear’ wet without your realization. You don’t do it consciously but it comes out by itself.

You may also be suffering from Urge incontinence or overactive bladder also known as OAB is a sudden uncontrollable need to go to bathroom. This does not count if you have just gone to bathroom a few minutes ago. It can take place after fifteen minutes also. This occurs due to muscles contraction of bladder and is also called as detrusor.  This happens when there is no common commutation between brain and bladder is right. The bladder lining inflammation, infection and injury, natural atrophy are the main reasons of this problem.

There are times when you may experience the both at the same time and then this is called mixed incontinence. Overflow incontinence happens when you can get rid off urine that is inside the bladder. You may want to pee so mush but there is uncomfortable feeling. This is experienced by men than women.
You must show to doctor when you are entangled with such problems. This may lead to a serious case. They say doing kegel exercise is very good to strengthen the pelvic muscles to help female bladder problem.

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