Kissing: Foreplay Techniques And Tips

Kissing Foreplay Techniques And Tips

Kissing is one of the foreplay techniques that can get you intimate with your partner. It is a very good way of relaxing. You should spend more time doing foreplay with your lover. Arouse her sexually so that she can laugh in anticipation of making love to you. Some guys wonder how they can get themselves to be desired by the opposite sex. Kissing is not as simple as it seems. It is one of the ways of showing your lady how much you love her.

You can start with a simple conversation. Your sense of humor will be very advantageous as women love men that can make them laugh. They like to be stimulated mentally and emotionally in anticipation for a kiss.

Do not make the mistake of stealing a kiss because you will upset her. Usually when your face is close to hers and she is in the mood she will expect you to kiss her. It is very important to note here that you will have to do it gradually and gently so that you can both savor each other while kissing for the first time.

Start With A Simple Conversation

While kissing, part your lips and caress her lips gently and explore her mouth with your tongue gently and slowly and she will do the same. Kissing is very important because women love to be kissed not only for foreplay but to show affection. There are so many ways to show affection by kissing. You can kiss your partner lightly on the cheek or on her lips in a public place to tell her you love her.

Caress Her Lips Gently And Explore Her Mouth With Your Tongue Gently

Not only that, people around will understand that she is your woman or your wife. You can also kiss your wife when she is on her monthly period. Usually, it is a stressful time for women and they are usually very glad when you show them that you care.

You Can Kiss Your Partner Lightly On The Cheek Or On Her Lips In A Public Place

It is normal for a guy to feel dejected when he is rejected by a woman but do not forget that “no venture, no success”. There are so many girls out there looking for a decent and reliable guy that they will eventually marry. So do not allow the rejection to get you down.