Fruit juices are essential for Kids


Washington – In a recent study conducted, scientist at the Louisiana State University and Baylor College of Medicine has established that fruit juices don’t make kids obese.

During the appraisal, the scientists assessed 21 studies about a relationship between consumption of 100 percent fruit juice by children and adolescents and weight. They found “there is no systematic association between consumption of 100% fruit juice and overweight in children or adolescents.”

“Health professionals and policy makers should be encouraged to objectively review the literature on all beverages and encourage consumption of healthful beverages including water, milk, and 100% fruit juice,” said the instigator.

“The data support the consumption of 100 percent fruit juice in moderate amounts, and this may be an important strategy to help children meet the current recommendations for fruit,” they also added.

“The rising epidemic of overweight and obese children should be a cause for great concern amongst healthcare professionals and the public at large,” said James M. Rippe

“The findings that the consumption of 100 percent juice by children and adolescents is not associated with overweight is very important since 100 percent fruit juices are nutrient dense and their consumption represents an excellent way to help children meet the dietary guidelines for Americans,” he added.

The investigators of the research are Carol E. O’Neil, PhD, MPH, LDN, RD, Louisiana State University, and Theresa A. Nicklas, DrPH, USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Centre, Baylor College of Medicine.

The study appears in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.


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