Kamasutra was a part of school curriculum in ancient India

There is an age to understand the sex education and they are taught to bit matured individual but certainly not in schools. Kamasutra is an Indian epic that was considered a miraculous piece of work. But here the question arises that was kamasutra was being taught in the ancient Indian schools.

For those people who support sex education in schools should see the kind of chaos it has created in countries like the United States, where teenage pregnancies are rampant and the normal age when a girl/boy has sex first time is below 15 years. It has created a mass market for condoms. Do we want this in our culture?

Our parents got acquainted with about sex education with no any formal “guidance”. I would challenge the claim that across India teens are having sex. Even it were true athwart metros..does it validate teaching kids about sex..so that the next time they see any pretty young thing all they imagine about is taking him/her to bed? OR should we be teaching them about good actions and control?

People who do not support “sex education in schools” are right away branded as old fashioned. May be the “modernists” think teenagers can’t live without sex and so it’s useless teaching them to do so.

The so called “modern” guys satisfy note the results of sex education and libertinism in US. If you want an Indian society where women have no steady husbands and are commoditized, children grow up with single parents and have an unusual culture you should be advocating steps such as sex education in schools.

Whatever essential changes necessary could be introduced in subjects like biology to perk up children’s knowledge.