Kamasutra Sex Positions

kamasutrasex Kamasutra is an ancient Indian Civilization love manual that gives information about different sexual positions. It highlights the sensitivity of music and poetry as it pertains to sexuality. Love making has many health benefits apart from pleasure.

Some of Kamasutra’s sexual positions are as follows:

Position 1

During lovemaking, the woman lies down while she raises her hips with her legs wide apart. She positions herself on a pillow.

Kamasutra Sex Position

This is similar to the conventional position of sexual intercourse.

Position 2

The woman unites keeping her leg which could be either right or left above her head. The other leg is extended out. During sexual intercourse, she can change position by alternating the positions of her legs.

Kamasutra Sex Position 2

Usually the raised leg is positioned on her head. This position is for people who are athletic and very flexible. These people are usually slim and petite.

Position 3

Kamasutra Sex Position 3

Here her thighs are raised and legs positioned wide apart while she mates with her man. Women who are obese may find it difficult to have sex in this position.

Position 4

Kamasutra Sex Position 4
In this posture, a man can have sex with more than one woman simultaneously. This position is for people who do not have a committed relationship. Most women who are committed usually do not want to share their men for fear of being heartbroken.

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Position 5

different sex positions

In this position, the pressure in the vagina is increased by placing the right leg beneath the left. You will agree with me that a tighter vagina during sex will give a bigger friction and a better sensitivity.

Position 6

Kamasutra Sex Positions 5

In this position, both lovers support themselves when they lean on a wall. Usually, the man penetrates from the rear. This position is good for people who like to have sex outside their homes where the comfort of a bed is not available.

Position 7

During lovemaking, the woman positions a leg on the shoulder of her lover while the other leg is extended.

Kamasutra Sex Positions 7

Position 8

In this position, her right foot is placed on her left thigh and vice versa. This position is usually for slim, petite and athletic women.


  • Vijay Choudhary

    I regularly do sex in different positions to keep my sexlife amazing & extremely pleasurable .
    Regular Yoga help me a lot to perform me best in bed.