Juggling Two Partners At The Same Time

Are you or anyone you know is currently in a relationship with two different partners and is suffering because of it? It happens in most relationships going on right now and the standard practice in most relationships.

The primary logic in those relationships is the idea of a person not having or needing one partner, but two partners or in other words; the more the merrier. In today’s society, it is not only acceptable for a guy to have more than one lover or partner but is considered “cool” to do so.

The old-fashioned beliefs of a one-man, one-woman relationship are long gone, which is now replaced by a get-as-many-women-as-you can attitude and not only in movies or on TV, it is in our neighborhoods and in public places. The theory and practice of “free” love reigns supreme and with that practice, more “free” love for the guy or girl, getting the love (it works both ways.)

So, what is wrong with a person having multiple partners in different relationships? Nothing if you like that kind of action, but having two partners also means getting two headaches, two attitudes to deal with and two lives to live, which is too much for me.

For example, you have one partner that is loving, kind and has a cheerful attitude all the time but the other partner has, a sullen, rude and an unpleasant attitude, so you have a mix of the good and the bad and at some point in time, they both have bad attitudes and they are taking it out on you.

Also, there is the time factor being spent with the partners, with one wanting to spend more time with them than the other. Each partner wanting a certain amount of time with you can be a hassle, especially if you work at lot or have kids.

Also there are health issues that come along with having multiple partners; especially if one or both partners are having sexual relations with other people (do I need to spell A.I.D.S.?) It is very possible that you can contract venereal dieses such as AIDS, herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea by you having sex with your partners, who are in turn having sex with other people.

Today, AIDS is the number one killer in the United States and in Africa, with millions dying every year, so it is important for you and your partners to practices at least safe sex if not abstinence, so think about what could happen when you are having relations with two women and decide if this is the right thing to do and what could happen to you in the process of juggling partners. The choice is always yours.