Is It Okay To Have Sex While I Am Pregnant

Is It Okay To Have Sex While I Am Pregnant

If you are pregnant, sex might be the farthest thing from your thoughts. It’s important to remember that a healthy sex life is important for well being. If you want to be healthy you shouldn’t ignore your libido. There are some things that you must remember before you try to have sex while pregnant.

Will Having Sex While Being Pregnant Hurt My Baby

Having Intercourse Can Harm Their Unborn Baby

It is a common fear among expecting mothers that having intercourse can harm their unborn baby. It is wise to be cautious but there are ways that you can still enjoy sex if you are pregnant. If you are having a normal pregnancy there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy sex. If there is anything unusual with your pregnancy you should not attempt sex. Always ask your doctor first. You don’t have to get carried away. Take things slow and make sure that you are comfortable.

If you wish to have a good sexual relationship at any point in time – communication is a must! You should discuss your feelings and thoughts on the matter with your partner. If they want to have sex and you are not ready yet, tell them why. It doesn’t have to lead to an argument or debate. It’s important that you let your partner know where he stands. He is probably very unsure.

While Pregnant You Will Feel Unpredictable Desires For Sex

While Pregnant You Will Feel Unpredictable Desires For Sex

Some woman may not find themselves to be sexually aroused at all. Others might be more interested in sex than usual. Sometimes these desire come and go like waves – unpredictable. It’s unfortunate but often while you’re pregnant, you might not want sex.

There are many factors to take into consideration. There is soreness, sickness, changes in the bodies’ normal processes. Being pregnant can bring dramatic changes to your body and how it runs. It’s not a big surprise that many pregnant women have little desire for sex.

Oral Sex While Pregnant – A Caution.

Oral Sex While Pregnant

If you are engaging in sexual intercourse with your pregnant partner – be sure that you never blow air directly into the vagina. Of course many might never do this. It doesn’t hurt to be safe. It could actually prove to be very dangerous for the mother and the baby inside her.

  • Particularly avoid deep penetrative sex during the early stage. It may result in abortion.