Is a full wig the only answer for fine thinning hair


Yes ladies, we are susceptible to balding and thinning hair just as men are. The term female pattern baldness is when your hair starts to get thin and your scalp is exposed. Once this process starts, there is no turning back since the hair cannot grow back.

Unfortunately, a doctor cannot prescribe anything to reverse the process or make your hair grow back. There are however, alternatives that can give you back your appearance and make you feel better about being out in the public view.

One option that you have is to get a hairpiece. They come in various sizes and you can get them in human hair or in synthetic hair. The choice is yours but a professional may be able to help you make the best decision for you.

For some women, a hair piece may be uncomfortable and an inconvenience with the needing of taking it off and putting it on constantly. They are put on with glue, tape or even a clip. The type will depend on the amount of hair that you still have on your head.

The other option is a weave. If you have the time and the money, this could be a great option for you. A hair weave is simply just that. The hair is woven into the hair that you already have and is a permanent solution. This does require you however, to make a trip to the salon monthly. This is to keep the weave clean, have it colored to match your existing color and to get it tightened.

The weave is a great option if you want to set it and forget it, so to speak. If this is done properly, you will not even realize that you have a weave and neither will anyone else. So speak to your beautician and find out what the best option is for you.

The sooner you make a choice, the sooner you can get on with living your life to the fullest, just as you used to before your hair started to get thin and fall away.