Interracial Relationships – Black And White


It seems that in today’s society, interracial relationships are more and more evident as you see some of the most famous celebrities dating outside of their race such as Montel Williams, Tiger Woods, Woody Allen and others. Sure, there were interracial relationships and even marriages but in the past, those types of relationships were not widely accepted by the general public esp. relationships and marriages between black and white couples, which were heavily frowned upon in the South and lead to some lynchings of blacks in the past.

Throughout American history, peoples of every class and social background have been involved in some form of an interracial relationship including clergypersons and politicians. For example, Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and America’s 3rd president, has a long-standing relationship with Sally Hemings, who was one of his slave girls.

Today, there are no real taboos for interracial relationships, except those who keep living in the past and romanticize of the past. Today, more and more black people are dating white people and vice versa, just as more and more whites are dating Latinos and/or Asians.

Personally, I believe there is nothing wrong with interracial relationships since what should matter is the content of the person’s character and not the color of their skin. What good would it be if a person of a certain race is in a relationship with another person of the same race but they don’t love each other, whereas that person is in love and in a relationship of a person of a different race?

Tainting the bloodline? Ha! The line has already been tainted by our ancestors and we are the products of that tainting. We have all different peoples with different backgrounds and ethnicities which makes it hard for one not to seek or find a relationship with a person outside of their race. In short, it is not the race that counts but the love and commitment in a relationship that counts no matter how different the races of the couple are.


  • We are all human, we are just 100% related to each other (dna wise) and it’s the current world!

    I’m Filipino and would like to date Caucasian women, light skinned black women or any mix race other than Asian because today EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

  • Oh and last but not the least.



  • ella

    I am a very attractive, smart black woman and single mother, who is very recently decided to date white men. I have found a really good man who is in the same age range as me, he is career oriented as me, he’s handsome, funny and keeps me laughing a lot. When went out for the first time last saturday to a really nice restraunt in town and the stares we got was very new to me, it did not phase him one bit, he focused on me. I have been blessed with a really good guy, my 15 year old daughter approves of the inter race relations as long as he is good to
    me. I really like him a lot, but? I know my mother is not happy about me dating outside of my race! I am an adult, she is very opinionated and makes her self known. I have decided to see this through, I know their will be hell to pay from
    her end. I’d love advice on people that have been through this and are still very committed and happy together.

  • ella

    I forgot to add that she stereotypes white men as child molesters, wife/girfriend murders if you leave him, raptist, woman beaters, weird and unstable mentally.
    I tell her that all white people are not that way! all black men are not nice and supportive of black women. There are a lot of black men that are very abusive, raptist, muders and child molesters. I dislike the stereotypes for any race of people. We are all human, God’s children of different hues of skin, love is just what it is, love… whay can’t she see that!

  • lauren

    this article was so well-written and very informational. i agree with everything you said. if racist people just put racism aside for 5 min and take a minute to get to know that person, you might actually see what your son,daughter, friend, cousin, etc sees in that person. its 2011, its hard to believe people today are still dwelling with race issues. its so selfish when people try to tear a couple apart because of race. thats so wrong on every level. just because you dont like it, than don’t look! its who YOU wanna spend the rest of your life with, not them.