5 Indian Makeup Tips

Indian Makeup Tips

Indian Makeup Tips

Every Indian girl or woman like any other girl or women around the world want to look good and beautiful. As with others, Indian girl/woman, as soon as she starts experimenting with makeup, wants to look beautiful. But the fact is many Indian girl/women do not even know how to apply makeup properly.

For Indian girls/women it is best to apply makeup that complements their black hair, and yellow toned skin preferably soft, warm makeup as well as highlight their features, especially the face. An Indian girl/woman should always remember that most of the Indian girls/woman have straight eyelashes, and it will be beneficial to buy an eyelash curler. Discussed below are tips on how to apply makeup for Indian girl/woman.

5 Indian Makeup Tips

Apply Eye shadow

Eye shadow

After applying concealer, foundation, and powder, put lilac eye shadow on eyelids. Using it is a better option as darker eye shadows have a tendency to make them look deep set, particularly as eyelids tend to be smaller. Use dark brown or eyebrow pencil to give a strong frame to the eyes and to balance the eyeliner.

Applying Eyeliner


Use blue-black eyeliner to highlight the eyes as well as correct any droopiness. Applying it on the lower eyelashes and outer corners of eyes creates a perfect balance. Cotton buds should be used to prevent the overall look of the eyes becoming too harsh.

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Applying Mascara


Applying 2 coats of black mascara is the best option. Mascara can be applied by placing the eyelashes between the edges of a curler, and then gently squeezing for a few seconds. However, to prevent the mascara from smudging the face, apply a thin layer of mascara on the top lashes first.

Applying Blusher


Application of a warm blusher not only gives the face a nice complexion, but also brings out a natural glow. The blusher should be applied over the fleshy part of the cheeks.

Applying Lipstick


Applying a baby pink lipstick gives the lips, a fashionable focus. Add to it, the application of a cool blue tone, works wonders for the lips. To prevent the lips from going dry if you are applying matte lipstick, it is better to apply lip balm first on the lips, and then apply lipstick.


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